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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting part 7 (bi-high school)_________7______________
Gary and Greg pushed back from the dinner table simultaneously and bolted
back up to Greg's room. They dove for the bed at the same time and crashed
loudly together, ending up in a mock wrestling duel for king of the hill,
which Greg won. He got up on his knees and flexed, doing his best Tarzan
yell."Will you pipe down up there?" came his dad's voice from the bottom of the
stairs. "This isn't the monkey house at the zoo!"The boys laughed at how lame parents were and shut the door. "Ever notice
how parents always got to say what stuff is and isn't?" Greg
observed. "They never just say to shut up, they either tell you 'You're in
the house, you know' or 'this is not the gym' or crap like that. Like,
duh, I don't know where I am?" They nodded in concert.Greg leaned back against his headboard and pulled his knees up, causing his
soccer shorts to gape open at the leg and, as he was without underwear, his
soft penis to be visible to Gary, who was sitting on the floor next to the
bed. It was endlessly fascinating to Gary how the foreskin totally covered
up the head when it was soft--it almost didn't look like a dick anymore.
The view got Gary's thoughts back on sexual things again. "I'm glad we did
stuff today," said Gary softly. "It's kinda too bad we didn't start sooner;
I'd of liked to seen your dick when it was smaller, just to see how
different it looks now.""I know, me too. I almost don't remember what it was like before I could
come. I mean, I could always come, I guess--I just mean before I could
squirt come.""How long have you been sperming?""God, at least a year I guess. And it came on so suddenly; one week,
nothing, next week, a drop or two, next week, fountain. I thought everybody
came that much until you told me otherwise.""I know; I just started sperming at all within about the last 6 months, and
I still don't come very much--I did more today than ever, I guess because I
was so horny.""Yeah, I never came so much as when Jamie walked in on us--I guess being
sucked off for the first time is pretty exciting. That was SO fucking
embarrassing, though, having her watch me come a major load and not being
able to do shit about it. I'd have come that much if my MOM had walked in
just then, though; I was gonna explode if I didn't come.""I know; I was scared shitless when she walked in, but watching you come
was too cool--there's something really hot about somebody so sexed up that
they're kinda helpless. Speaking of which, you got a hardon again,"
observed Gary, pointing to Greg's stiff member poking all the way out the
leg of his shorts."Shit, I didn't even notice. Well, no wonder, we were talking about sex
again, what do you think is gonna happen?" Greg rubbed his erection
lightly. "It almost kinda hurts, it's been hard so much preteen lolita ocean toplist today. Hey, you
were saying you heard your sister jerkin' off today weren't you? Does she
do that a lot?"Gary was, of course, also hard as stone by this point. "I don't hear her
all the time, of course, but I have heard her moaning and breathing heavy
before, so I guess that's what she's been doing.""Damn, she's so fuckin' sexy. I wish there was a way we could see her doing
it, or at least nude. You said her puss was stickin' out when she was
watching you jerk off, didn't you? What did it look like?""Well, it was just a bulge, little preeteens lolas models pretty much; she had on these tight volleyball
shorts, and when she laid back it was a mound, and you could see the little
split between the lips. I never saw anything like that on a girl
before. She lays out on the roof outside her bedroom sometimes in this real
small swimsuit, but she never has it on anywhere else. I don't think she
knows I can see her out there out of the little round window in my
closet. This suit barely covers her puss--you can see some hair coming out
the top, and her bottoms just look really full."Greg was masturbating a little faster now with the image. "Fuck ME," he
said in a frustrated voice, "I gotta find a way to see that. Hey, why don't
I sleep over tomorrow, maybe we can work up a plan on how to spy on her.""Works for me," said Gary. "I wouldn't mind playing with that thing you got
in your hand all night, either," he sexy non nude lolitas added, indicating Greg's sizable
erection."Yeah, I wanna do it again too, but I gotta stop for today," Greg said,
releasing his penis, which bobbed up and down with its new freedom. "This
thing's just getting too sore.""I hear that," agreed Gary, "I better get going anyway." As he stood up
prior to leaving, his hard penis substantially tented his gym
shorts. "Shit, mine better go down before I leave. I think even your mom,
dense as she is, might notice.""I dunno," replied Greg, his cock softening as he stood up, "She'd probably
think you were stealing a hot dog or something. See you tomorrow, bud--no
playing with that thing tonight. Gotta save it up."
The next day, both Jamie and Gary were looking forward to the arrival of
their friends, having cleared the dual sleepover with their parents. They
were sitting site lolitas pussy gallery alone out on their deck having breakfast on the warm morning,
and the day promised to be bright and sunny. Jamie still had on her shorty
robe from the day before, and Gary had on a pair of baggy gym shorts and a
tank top. Their mom and dad were still in the kitchen prior to going to
play golf, being Saturday, and then they had a cocktail party at their club
that night."Soooooooo," said Jamie with an exaggerated wink, "Is little bro gonna get
his little dickie sucked again tonight?""Shut up," replied Gary with an anger he didn't really feel. "I told you
we're not going to do that anymore--we were watching the movie and just got
carried away.""And, like I said yesterday, bullshit. You were having too much fun, from
what I saw, not to do that any chance you get. And I'm not blaming you, by
the way--it DID look like fun."Gary looked at his sister thoughtfully for a moment. "Yeah, it was pretty
fun, I guess," he admitted, "Thanks for being cool about it.""Hey, no prob little bro, but just remember the terms of our deal. Anything
I want.""Yeah...well, it hasn't turned out too badly for me so far," said Gary
reflectively, thinking about jacking off in front of lolita teen porn young
his sister while she
caressed her own sexy body. "What are you and Carolyn up to today?""I dunno--maybe go shopping, lay out for a while I guess." Jamie paused for
a moment, uncertain. "What do you think of Carolyn? Looks-wise. Do you
think she's hot?""Jeez, Jame...I never really think about her that way I never really
think of her at all..." After thinking a minute, he added "Although now
that you mention it she maybe could be, with like a make-over or
something. She looks like naked lolita girl dancers she's got a nice butt, I guess, and her hair's a
cool color, but she really doesn't have a lot of, I don't know, style? Or
maybe it's like she dresses NOT to be hot. Why?""I don't know, she seems pretty insecure and kind of immature about that
kind of thing, and I wondered what a boy would think about her. I think
she's a lot sexier than she knows, which is interesting."Gary thought nothing of Jamie's last statement at first, but then his mind
wandered back to it--was it generally ok for girls to think other girls are
sexy? Or was it just that Jamie thought Carolyn was sexy, which was more
than "interesting"? "What time's she coming over?""About 11, and we're going into town. She needs a new swimsuit, and then
we're going to either lay out or go to the pool. I'm happy to help her with
picking out a swimsuit, or any clothes, little preeteens lolas models 'cause I think you're right--she
could dress better. She doesn't take advantage of what she has. When's
Greg coming?""About 1 or so. I have no idea what we're going to do.""I bet I know...""SHUT UP! Turd!" Gary yelled playfully, just as his dad came out of the
kitchen."Gary, now is that any way to talk to your sister?""Dad, we're just goofing around, it's ok. You going?""Well, ok then; yes, we're on our way. We'll be back late, so you two
behave and don't set anything on fire, ok? And tell ls magazine lolita quality Carolyn and Greg not to
either.""DAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD!" they both yelled in unison as he backed through the
sliding door and was gone."Well, I better get ready," said Jamie as she got up from the table, which
caused her robe to part up the entire length of her shapely thighs, showing
Gary clearly her small panties beneath. He was dumbstruck by the nearness
of her so recently noticed succulent flesh, and his cock started to
twitch. His staring didn't go unnoticed by Jamie, who opened the bottom of
her robe all the way, thrusting her hips forward a bit. Her large pudenda
bulged noticeably through her panties. "See something you like, Gar?" His
cock began to nudge out the leghole of his shorts, and to his astonishment
Jamie reached down and grabbed the firm, bare shaft, at the same time
whispering in his ear "There's no way this is going to last out the day,
bro, and you know it--one way or the other," and then she released his now
full and throbbing hardness and walked back in the house, out of sight.Jesus Christ! He thought to himself. What the hell does that mean? And she
actually touched my cock!
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